African American Hairstyles

African American hairstyle_01African Americans can be easily recognized with their distinctive features. Plump lips, curly hair, sharp eyes and chocolate color skin are their unique outwardly features which have fetched them a global recognition. When it comes to hair, the hair texture of African Americans is generally coarse and thick and in some it looks fizzy.  The variety of hairstyles that their natural hair can take on is manifold and even non African Americans keenly adorn them during special occasions. Let us see some popular African American hairdos.

Types of hairdos

African American hairstyles can be categorized as hairstyles meant for short hair and for long hair. Due to coarse and thick hair many African American women grumble that they find it hard to do their hair. If the texture is too coarse and thick, growing it long will be a hassle. Styling and weaving it becomes difficult as the lengthy hair tends to tightly curl out. So, women with such hair prefer to keep it short. There are some African American hairdos which can be elegantly done on short hair.

Cool Layers

Offering your short hair a layered cut will keep you well within the fashion. This classy hairdo can impart bounce to one’s hair and make her look great. In fact, the layered cut looks equally good on both long and short hair. Layers can be set to fall in waves using a hair gel. Once the hair is treated with gel combing should not be done. To enhance the look, the layers can be highlighted with some hair color that nearly matches your outfit.

Foxy Bob

Foxy bob cut looks absolutely graceful on an African American woman. It looks even more stylish if the hair is straight. In case, you do not have a straight hair, you can straighten the strands using a suitable relaxer for your hair type. Styling a bang or fringe at the forehead will add more charm to the hairstyle.  Keeping the hair short at the back is important to maintain the bob. You can further the charm by adding angular cuts on the sides of your face which will make your bob appear slightly lop-sided. Hollywood actress Halle Berry sports this hairdo.

Cornrow Braids

Braiding has its origin way back in Egyptian era. This hairdo was reinvented by African Americans and has been fondly adorned by African American women with long as well as short hair. African American women with curly and frizzy hair prefer braiding as it helps them manage their hair without much ado. Braiding involves entwining three sections of hair to form closely arranged plaits. Once close braids are done, they can be styled in different ways. Cornrow braiding is done by braiding the hair closely to the scalp and taking all the braids to one side of the scalp in an upward direction to form continuous heaved rows.  Most of the cornrows braids are done in plain straight rows while some feature geometrical designs.

Tight Ponytails

Tight ponytails always get attention with its tight curls. Generally curly hair is styled as ponytails or left loose. To make this hairdo, the hair is divided into two equal sections. Each section is completely braided and fastened with a hair band. After this, all the braids are drawn backside of the head and are closely draped with a stain scarf. The set up is left overnight. Next day, when the braids are released, the hair looks crimpy. This crimpy hair when drawn into a ponytail looks terrific.

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